Kubota Spain S.A. and Tenías S.A. have reached a close collaboration agreement (20th February 2018)

Collaboration agreement between Tenías S.A. and Kubota Spain S.A.

Tractor Kubota con pala TeníasIt is a great pleasure for us to announce an agreement between Tenías S.A. and Kubota Spain
S.A., regarding the distribution of Tenias front loaders to the dealer network of Kubota Spain
Kubota Spain is a branch of Kubota Holding Europe and operates on the markets of Spain,
Portugal and Israel for lawn and garden equipment, multipurpose vehicles and agricultural
tractors. Kubota Spain is determined to increasingly offer a greater variety of products and
solutions for farmers and livestock breeders of its responsibility area, that is why offering a
wider range of front loaders and implements for its tractors to cover all possible needs of its
clients is considered strategic. From this moment, Kubota Spain will complement its direct
offer of front loaders with the range of loaders of Tenias, integrating them on the production
and assembling procedures, product delivery and sales as any other product of Kubota.

About Kubota

Kubota Corporation, established in 1890 by Mr. Gonshiro Kubota and with presence in more
than 110 countries with +1,6 trillion JPY in net sales in 2016, is a manufacturer of agricultural
machinery as well as utility vehicles, construction machinery and other kind of products such
as ductile iron pipes and products related with the environment, for example environmental
control plants. The head office is located on 2-47, Shikitsuhigashi 1-chome, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
556-8601, Japan.

About Tenías

Tenías is a company located in Ejea de los Caballeros, Zaragoza, Spain. Since its establishment
in 1956 as an agricultural machinery repair workshop, Tenías has gradually adapted to the
needs of this market, and nowadays they have a wide experience on the design, manufacture
and commercialization of agricultural front loaders and implements. It is also the undisputed
leading brand on the market of agricultural front loaders in Spain.
Currently it is immersed on a global project with a solid commitment for the innovation and
technology on the almond harvest, making the process more clean and efficient. All this
experience, combined with the fact that all its manufacturing sections count with the latest
technology, give Tenías and excellent reputation in more than 50 countries. The company has
been operating in the market for over 50 years, and this has allowed Tenías to enjoy with a
high degree of quality and trust amongst its customers.